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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Printis Shunta, and I am an avid reader and writer. I have been writing since I was 12, and reading since the third grade. My love for reading and writing goes beyond niches and bounds so, if you are trying to put me in a box, you’re going to be disappointed.

The purpose of ScripScrapStories is, to use the platform to advertise my stories and share my love for modest writing. I write stories from Historical fiction to Fantasy, and I am happy to share them with you!

I am a Jesus freak; I love God, and I want to show the gifts He has given me through my writing. It might not be orthodox content however, I want my community to know that, you can write and be successful with God on your side.

Ultimately, I want my writing to reflect Him. I hope you guys enjoy!

I post twice a week- Monday and Wednesday!

My Latest Posts

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  • The Family – Chapter 11
    Bonnie cursed under her breath. Who the heck was Reina? Is that why he stood her up? Was this tramp the reason he was embarrassing her in front of the entire school? Or worse. Did he find out the real her?
  • The Family – Chapter 10
    The man at the head of the meeting table raised forward. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” “Yes sir. It seems like someone has gotten ahold of Oliliuhqui; or formally known as the snake plant.”

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